VPN Encryption Explained

Reading about advanced encryption technologies compares to a calculus class in terms of complicated mumbo-jumbo. We will explain the basic premise, so you know what you are getting on your gadget.

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VPN Encryption 

Let’s Define Encryption

Like with the notes many of us used to pass in class, information transferred via virtual world requires encryption. It is a process of encoding data when only the creator and the recipient know the digital code to decipher the message. Without the right key, captured encrypted data makes no sense to a third party observer.

That is why you need VeePN’s military-level encryption to:

  • Keep your personal data safe and protect it from hackers, snoopers or data leaks.
  • Shield from annoying advertisements. Since your Internet service providers can’t track your activity when you are operating under the VeePN cover, they can’t sell the statistics to ad agencies.
  • Go to restricted websites without looking over your shoulder. Access the content you need freely using our highly encrypted VPN.

Types of VPN Encryption

There are seven main types of VPN encryption used by most services:








Yeah, tech people are somewhat bad at naming things. We are not going to describe each of the types, as it will take ages and for an ordinary user is a plain drivel.

We will just focus on the one VeePN uses:

We chose AES-256 (Advanced encryption standard, 256 bits) along with OpenVPN and IKEv2 protocols because these form one of the securest networks existing. The US government uses the same ones for high-level communication, and this clearly means something.

Now it is time for some scary math! However, don’t you worry, these mighty powers are working for you. 256-bit keys used in this type of AES encryption allow 2 to the power of 256 combinations. This forms a number with 75 zeros! Even if an insane hacker decides to do whatever it takes and decrypt your data, it would take billions of years.

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Do I Need VPN Encryption?

Unless you are okay with an unprotected connection, your ISP and government agencies fumbling around your private data, you absolutely do. Our encryption provides you with the bliss of the fast, comfortable and safe Internet.

Overstep boundaries and governmental content restrictions
Protect sensitive data when using public Wi-Fi
Shun away snoopers and hackers with our indestructible encryption
Stay Anonymous
Shield your personal profile and connection from theft, fraud and other cybercrimes

VeePN – Guarding Your Personal Info until the End of Times

For us, all your data is worthy to be encrypted using the most advanced methods. Enjoy all-in-one VPN app, and surf online with maximum safety.

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