No Logs in VeePN – Another Way to Prove We Value Your Privacy

Transparent yet Confidential: Your Awesome No Logs VeePN
We stand by secure and confidential Internet for every user. That is why we don’t only help you protect your traffic, but also honestly tell you which information we do and don’t collect (hint – it’s not very much).

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No Logs

What is Exactly the “No Log” Policy?

Do you know why we can’t mess up your sensitive information? Because we don’t store it.
Remember how the best way to get slimmer is not to buy cookies so you aren’t tempted? We decided to implement the same wise technique in our app. Instead of spending our resources on finding the best way to protect the sensitive information of our users, we decided not to keep it, so there’s nothing to protect.

Logs Privacy Policy

We do not collect any of the following:

  • Your browsing history
  • The information you downloaded and shared
  • Your primary IP address and the IP given by our server
  • DNS queries
  • Your device’s metadata

We truly respect your privacy. This is why we made a commitment to:

  • Thoroughly encrypt your connection
  • Never read and tie traffic to a specific user
  • Never store sensitive data
  • Never share the data with third parties (because this is objectively impossible)

No one can hijack the vulnerable information if we simply don’t own it.

What VeePN Does Collect and Why

It would be misleading to tell you we don’t collect ANY information about our users, and we don’t want to establish relations with our community based on a half-truth. Here’s the list of data pieces we do collect with brief explanations of the reasons. Remember that you can get more detailed instructions in our Privacy Policy, as well as ask someone from the Support Team.

Account Information

Once you create or modify your account, we save your email address alongside with the personal information YOU decide to provide us.

VeePN’s Website Data

We record the date and time of the visits to our site, the duration of the session and rages viewed for analytical reasons. We want to know what you like and don’t like, and how we can get better!

Means to Contact You

If you request assistance via an email or other available means of communication, we will retain your message, as well as the contact information provided to get back to you. It’s 100% up to you whether to share to share it with us or not.

Service Logs

We collect the following service-related data: session time, amount of data in MB transferred during one session, and the location of the VPN server you chose. NOTE: we do not retain IP addresses in any way. VeePN team needs to save the information listed above to operate the service efficiently and provide you with the best browsing experience.

Troubleshooting Records
Troubleshooting Records

To run a successful and reliable VPN we are loved for, we simply have to know what can go wrong in order to fix it. We gather crash reports, speed test results and connection failure details to troubleshoot possible difficulties. We do NOT tie this data to individual users, as the application itself is designed without such a possibility. Remember that you can always manually disable the data collection.

Payment History

When purchasing the subscription, you will be redirected to the website of the third-party payment system of your choice. We then will use a generic “Order Number” to pinpoint your User Account and subscription expiry date.

VeePN is the Mighty Knight Protecting Your Privacy

We are following the modern code of chivalry by retaining as little information as it’s only possible to run a successful VPN service. We do not store any logs that can lead to a specific user, such as the IP, browsing and downloading history, DNS queries, and metadata.

You can be sure that your personal data is secure. It can’t be stolen or sold to interested third-parties, because there is simply nothing to sell. We don’t keep a cookie jar, so we are not tempting anyone to break it. The only data we collect is listed above and described in detail in our Privacy Policy, and it can’t lead anyone to a specific user.

The word “privacy” means very little in the modern Internet-based society. We fight for your inherent rights to have confidential data.

VPN that Wants to Break the Internet

We would say how we are concerned about your privacy and good user experience but we bet you’ve heard it already a gazillion times. So, we would say that we just strive to be famous. And to become a well-renowned service, we have to ensure your connection speed is skyrocketing, you successfully bypass any restrictions like a top-tier stealth aircraft. We also offer a military-level encryption, because what’s a secret mission without that?

Oh, and here’s one last secret – we want to take over and rule the world. That’s why our server network is constantly expanding, and soon will reach a ridiculous figure. But that’s enough secrets exposed, at least for now.

VeePN Protecting Your Privacy

A VPN That Actually Cares About Your Privacy

Enjoy our all-in-one privacy app without any confidentiality concerns.
We are strictly following the “no logs” policy. Plus, we are too lazy to store your data. ;)

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