Double VPN, double security

Protect yourself from online tracking and internet threads

What is Double VPN and how does it work?

Typically you are connecting to the remote server which changes your location and IP address and hides all your data that you send or receive from the internet. No snoopers or hackers can see what you are doing while surfing internet.

Double VPN brings even more security because now you are covered with two servers instead of one which is also known as VPN chaining. It works pretty simple:

  • Your traffic goes to remote VPN server and leaves it fully encrypted
  • Once it reaches a second VPN server, it receives a double encryption
  • You bring even more security to your internet privacy

The benefits of sending your traffic through two VPN servers

Double Security
With two servers’ encryption it’s almost impossible to track your activity by anyone
Upgraded protection
A mix of two protocols: UDP and TCP brings a new level of online security
IP protection
As long as you are connected to the first server, the second server receives your data already encrypted and has no information about you
Completely private
Behind two servers there is no chances for anyone to find out your true location. Go private whenever you need

Do I need Double VPN connections?

Well, if you want to have the best protection and you care a lot about private browsing then this is the essential feature in your VPN app. Anyway, 2 server encryption may slow down your internet connection that why you’d rather use it when you want to maximize your security.

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