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Enjoy a connection as swift as the wind. No more tough decisions between watching a stream and staying protected – now you can do both. We also offer limitless traffic and bandwidth. Learn more about all benefits on Features page.

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The installation process takes only five minutes, and the protection you will gain is infinite. Choose from thousands of available servers, connect in one tap and see for yourself how easy Internet security can be with VeePN.

Endless Server Switching

Switch your VPN server in a matter of seconds while using VeePN! Pick the one you need from the list of 2500+ units available in 50+ locations, and simply tap on it. Learn more about all servers available on Servers page.

Frequently asked questions

Do I really need a VPN?

You need to use VPN software if:

  1. You value your online privacy and security
  2. You want to access geo-restricted content or better deals by altering your geo-location

In both cases, a reliable VPN service like VeePN will help you stay safe and anonymous without compromising your internet connection speed.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN creates a safe tunnel between your device and any website you connect to. All the traffic between you and the website is encrypted, so nobody from the outside — like your internet provider, government agencies, or hackers — can see what you’re browsing and searching for. Your IP address is also altered so your physical location can’t be detected.

Can I get a free VPN?

You surely can. But using free VPNs entails quite a few risks. If a VPN service doesn’t sell their product to cover their expenses, they usually sell something else — e.g. your private data to advertisers. If you value your privacy, you should consider choosing a trustworthy VPN with a flexible pricing policy over a free and unreliable one.

Are VPNs legal?

VPNs are legal in much of the world. However, there are a bunch of countries like Russia, China, UAE that penalize the use of VPNs to different degrees. If you use a VPN in such a country, you need to be extremely cautious and choose a reliable VPN. It should abide to a no-log policy, offer the highest-grade encryption, and utilize a kill-switch function, so that when your VPN connection drops, your true IP isn’t exposed. VeePN has all these features and more.

What devices does VeePN support?

VeePN will work on virtually every device in your household. Whether you need a VPN for your phone or a VPN for your laptop, VeePN is compatible with devices running on iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, your smart TV, and even your router. It also works as an extension in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Why choose premium VPNs over free ones?

Uncompromised data safety

A reliable premium VPN like VeePN has high data security standards that most free VPNs are lacking. Free VPNs are likely to get your device infected with malware, and will also sell your data to third parties. Whereas VeePN has never leaked any user data, utilizes the military-grade encryption standard, and adheres to a strict no-log policy.

Access to more restricted content

Due to a lack of servers in free VPN services, they can’t provide you access to much geo-restricted content. On the other hand, VeePN has over 2,500 servers in more than 70 countries around the world. By altering your browsing location via these servers, you’ll be able to access literally any website, social media, or streaming show.

Non intrusive ads

As the saying goes, when the service is free, you are the product. When a VPN service provider can’t compensate for their business-running expenses and make a profit by selling their product, they resort to selling your details to advertisers. Hence, with most free VPNs you’ll get flooded with targeted ads. While VeePN is 100% ad-free.

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Joe Stevens

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Anna Brady

Fast service, fast servers. Quality and quantity are what I need and here, in VeePN, I can have it...


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