Enhance Your Experience with Our Additional Features

Use our top-notch boosters to strengthen and expand your Internet security.

  • Protect more devices with extra slots. Don’t compromise your safety on any gadget.
  • Surf the waves of the Internet freely with your personal server. You’ll get a faster, more stable connection, personal IP and better VPN experience.
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Additional Features
Extra Slots Feature

Cover Everything that Needs to be Covered with Extra Slots Feature

Uh-oh, you’re out of 10 device slots on your standard VeePN subscription. Now you have to choose which one of your gadgets matters less and don’t need the safety coverage. Or… you don’t!

Get up to 100 additional slots for less than 0.4$ per unit!
Whether you own a small business or just have a truckload of devices with the possibility of an Internet connection, we got you covered. VeePN is a cross-platform application, meaning that you can connect everything on MacOS, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.

Anyway, what’s the point of protecting your computer, but leaving out your phone or iPad? Get the full coverage with our extra feature, and enjoy improved browsing experience regardless of the connection means.

How to Use Extra Slots Efficiently

Fast and Easy
You own a lot of

To rock your business security. Now your employees’ work and your sensitive information and documents are well-guarded.

You are running
a small business

To protect your countless gear. There’s no choosing between your PC, notebook, and iPad. Get everything safely snuggled in our VPN.

You are living in
a large household

To shield your family members’ devices. We all have family members who are not exactly tech-savvy, and those who simply don’t care. Shelter your closest people from the dangers and unpleasantness of the wild web.

Ten slots are nice and handy, but you can always upgrade to awesome. Get up to hundred units shielded by VeePN. Find out more about the term of use in your Personal Account.

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Me, Myself and I – Personal Server for Extra Comfy Internet

Though it may seem like a superfluous luxury, once you try our Personal Server feature, you won’t be able to resist extending your subscription more and more. Choose a location from 48 available options to experience the Internet at full speed.

  • Speed boost: Get as swift as the wind with our personal highway set up by VeePN. Forget about the annoying loading circle even when you are watching HD movies, downloading a large file and streaming at the same time. After you try the super-fast Internet provided by a personal server, you will find it impossible to switch back to the regular one.
  • Ultimate connection and data protection: Personal servers are the big guns of the online safety. Get a static IP secured by the server, and hide your real address. With a military-level encryption technology, you get maximum protection from data theft, snooping, hacking and cyber-attacks.
  • Silky smooth connection: Connection fails are irritating. Whether you are an avid gamer, Netflix lover or Spotify fan – disruption of your link to the web can ruin everything, or at least spoil the evening. Well, not anymore! A personal server is your guarantee of uninterrupted streaming or downloading. A good Internet is the one you don’t notice because it doesn’t cause you any trouble.
  • Terrific gaming experience: If you are a keen gamer, you know oh-too-well how one glitch can cost you a match. Not to mention the horrendous moments when the Internet dies altogether because of the provider, and you get a report for something that’s even not your fault.
  • Now you can forget about those bad times and wreck your nerves only over the game itself! With the personal server you’ll be
    a) the cool dude or chick in your squad
    b) the one with the titanium-strong connection. Enjoy!
Personal Server

Seamless VPN Software for All Your Devices

Simple apps on the outside, cutting-edge technology on the inside.

Reclaim Your Right to Cozy Internet

VeePN is like your favorite slippers – they are so comfy, warm and habitual that you don’t even notice them. But once they are gone you’re cold and sad. Don’t worry, VeePN will always be by your side to provide you with the fast and stable Internet.

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