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Step-by-Step VPN for Firefox Setup

Follow these instructions to equip your browser with a powerful safety tool. In case questions arise, feel free to contact our support team.

1. Download the App

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Total Online Security for Firefox

We developed VeePN exclusively for Firefox to ensure 100% safety.

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Overhaul Bans

Access any content you like from any place in the world. Use favorite services and social media websites regardless of your location.

Prevent Tracking

When you are using one of our anonymous IP addresses, you become invisible for website owners and, government agencies.

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Enjoy unlimited browsing on blazing speed, 100% data security, tracking prevention and favorite streaming services with VeePN.

Frequently asked questions

What is a VPN for Firefox?

The VeePN Firefox extension encrypts your traffic, reroutes it through our VPN servers, spoofs your IP, and protects your data from leaks. All the above applies only to any traffic that goes through your Firefox browser.

Do I need a VPN browser extension?

With a VPN browser extension like VeePN for Firefox, you'll be able to surf the web anonymously, change your browsing location to circumvent bans, and block intrusive ads. Basically, it's all the essential VPN features (including traffic encryption!) in your Firefox browser.

Having the extension, do I also need the app?

You can use the extension on its own. But remember that it only protects the traffic that goes through your Firefox browser. By downloading and installing the VeePN app, you can safeguard all the outgoing traffic on every device you own (up to 10 on a single account!).

How do I enable VPN on Firefox?

To get started, download the VeePN browser extension, tap on the extension icon in your Firefox, set up your account, and turn on the VPN connection. That's it! You're already browsing anonymously and safely. All you need to do next is to fine-tune your settings to block WebRTC IP detection, stop ads, change your location, etc.

Does a VPN hide browsing history?

VPN encrypts your traffic so no one from the outside — be it your ISP or any other entity — will be able to see which sites you're visiting. However, your browsing history is still stored inside your browser. To clear your Firefox browsing history:

  1. Click the hamburger menu at the top right corner
  2. Click History, then choose Clear Recent History
  3. Select how much history you want to clear by clicking on the drop-down menu
  4. Hit OK

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