VeePN’s Features for Enhanced Internet Experience

The Internet can be dangerous. Protect the things you value and the people you love with VeePN’s military-level encryption.

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VeePN’s Features

VeePN’s Main Features

We have everything it takes to protect your privacy. Get VeePN and forget about your Internet-related concerns.

Fast and Easy
10 Devices for Any Subscription

Do you have more than one device? So do we! That’s why we designed VeePN to support as many platforms and gadgets as possible. Install it on your Mac PC, Windows laptop and Android phone. Connect up to 10 devices under the single subscription plan, and add up to 100 extra devices for less than $0.4 per a device.

DNS Leak Prevention

Protecting your traffic without guarding DNS queries is similar to walking in rain with a fishnet on your head and hope that rain won’t fall into the holes. We at VeePN offer you a full-fledged protection to shield both your traffic and your DNS queries from being exposed.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed

Many users are concerned that using a VPN will hinder their Internet speed and meddle with streaming. Get ready for a pleasant surprise, because VeePN not only protects you from snoopers and hackers but also ensures a stable and fast connection.

Limitless Server Switching & Worldwide Access

The best VPN is the one you don’t notice. To be your secret ninja in the bush, we have developed a network of 2500+ servers in more than 48 locations. With VeePN, you can switch servers in a snap, and forget what “waiting for the network to reconnect” even means.

Military-level 256-bit encryption

We have everything it takes to help you stay secure – the impenetrable 256-bit encryption, the automatic public Wi-Fi security, and the Kill Switch. You can be sure that at any time your data is passing a secure, highly guarded tunnel.

High-security protocols

We utilize top-notch technologies in our app to ensure the highest level of protection for your data. We use OpenVPN and IKEv2 to provide the network tunnel with a strong encryption. Recently we have developed our own protocol, VeePN Amazing, that allows you to surpass any geo-restrictions in a one tap.

Extra Protection for Your IP

Your IP is not for everyone’s eyes. VeePN helps you to cover your most valuable Internet identifier and enjoy the web safely.

No Logs
No Log Policy

VeePN follows a strict No Logs policy, which means we do not record or store any of your personal information, including browsing history, location, and IP. Consequently, we can’t disclose any of your profile data, as we do not document it. VeePN cares about your privacy!

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Kill Switch
Kill Switch

If your VPN connection drops, your IP can be exposed for a second. Though this may sound like an insignificant issue, for a skilled hacker a second is what it takes to steal your data. Kill Switch protects your real IP from accidental exposure.

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VeePN’s Servers

VeePN’s Servers – Trustworthy and Secure

To ensure a stable and safe connection, we have developed a network of 2500+ servers in more than 48 locations scattered across 94 countries. Here is a detailed list:

  • Europe 937+ VPN Servers
  • Middle East & Africa 756+ VPN Servers
  • Americas 1200+ VPN Servers
  • Asia 453+ VPN Servers
  • Oceania 635+ VPN Servers
VeePN’s Servers

Get VeePN to Browse the Web Safely

This time playing hide-and-seek with the Big Brother, you can actually WIN. Our all-in-one solution provides users with all the necessary tools to maintain 100% privacy and safety of their data.

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