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macOS X El Capitan 10.11.6 or later
Mac VPN Client

Set Up VPN for Mac in Three Simple Steps

These are the three steps to your security. In case any further questions may arise, feel free to contact our support.

Sign Up
1. Sign Up

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2. Download

Download the app for your MacOS version and install it.

3. Connect

Browse the web safely, protected by the best VPN for Mac.

Why VeePN is the Best VPN Software for Mac

Your online identity holds a lot of important information. With VeePN, protecting your personal data is easy and convenient. Enjoy the following benefits:

One click to set up
One click to set up

VeePN takes a few minutes to install, and one click to connect. Choose the server, click “Connect” and surf the web safely.

Faster internet connection
Faster internet connection

Surprise! Once you get VeePN, your internet speed may even grow, as our service removes speed caps imposed by providers.

2500+ servers accross the world
2500+ servers accross the world

To ensure a smooth and seamless connection, we are constantly working on expanding our server network. Browse freely with VeePN.

Your Custom-Tailored VPN

Like a hand-made suit, our app is comfy, functional and beautiful.

Automatic Configuration
Automatic Configuration

The app autonomously determines the best configuration for your device, no manual setting and googling “how to use VPN on Mac” required.

Kill Switch
VPN Kill Switch

Our app cuts the internet connection altogether if the VPN tunnel fails, so your data remains protected.

Customize the App for Your Convenience

Use the cutting edge of the VPN technology. Choose among such protocols as OpenVPN, IKEv2, Shadowsocks and Wireguard.

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Frequently asked questions

Does Mac need a VPN?

Like any other computer, your Mac isn't totally immune to online threats. In fact, it can be exploited by malicious actors to compromise your privacy and security. If you want to give your Mac an additional level of protection, it is highly recommended that you use a reliable VPN — like VeePN.

Does Mac have a built-in VPN?

No, your Mac doesn't have a VPN built in. It has a VPN client that allows you to configure your own VPN, but to do it, you have to get a VPN server. However, you also have an option to connect a third-party VPN like VeePN in System Preferences > Network.

Is it safe to run a VPN on Mac?

It depends on which VPN you use. A trustworthy and stable VPN — like VeePN — is safe to use on any device, and your Mac is no exception. Moreover, it is better to use a VPN on Mac than not have one at all.

What is the best VPN for macOS?

When choosing the best VPN for your Mac, you should consider many factors. A decent VPN is one that hasn't been involved in any data breaches or other compromising activities. It should also have essential features like advanced encryption, no-log policy, or kill switch. On top of that, look at some extra features and a flexible pricing policy.

Are free VPNs for Mac any good?

The rule of thumb is to try and avoid free VPNs for Mac (as well as any other device). If a VPN provider can't cover the operational expenses by selling their product, they have to do it some other way. E.g., by overloading you with spammy ads or, worse, by selling your data.

How do I use VeePN on Mac?

Using VeePN with Mac is easy:

  1. Sign up here
  2. Download and install VeePN
  3. Launch VeePN from Applications, log in, and turn on the VPN

By default, you'll be connected to the optimal VPN server — the one less crowded and nearest to you — to secure the highest connection speed. If you need a specific browsing location, just pick it from the dropdown menu.

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