Install VPN on Router to Protect All Your Devices

Simplicity is beauty, that is exactly why we are doing our best to make VeePN a one-tap app. Seriously, if we could, we would ship you a tiny robot to do all the work for you. Set up VPN on your router to:

  • Browse safely and anonymously without any glitches or content restrictions
  • Establish a custom connection and automatically go into the web with VPN from any device
  • Protect any interactions with the WWW by military-level encryption
  • Install once, use forever to connect in a matter of seconds
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VPN on Router

How to Protect My Home Network Using VeePN?

Securing your Internet connection will take you a few minutes, but save a lot of time and nerves.

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1. Choose your VeePN subscription plan
2. Download and install VeePN’s settings for your router.

Does My Router Need a VPN?

When you get a couple of devices, setting protection on each one can be tricky. However, when you have a large family, where everyone owns at least a laptop and a phone… Our VPN client for routers is here to save the day!

The shield is always on

Mostly, home and work routers are always running, which means your VPN will be, too. If you need a quick look-up of the weather or latest news before work, you won’t need to connect via the app, then open the browser. Just connect to the Wi-Fi, and you are 100% protected.

Network Shield
You need to set it up only once

Ideally, you have to set the app on every person’s device who will browse the web from your home network. There’s a better way to ensure your private data is secure – get the best VPN for your router and don’t bother yourself with installing it separately on every gadget.

The protection covers every device

Now your network will become the safe bay for all your friends and family members. As long as they are connected to your Wi-Fi, they are browsing anonymously and securely. But don’t let them take advantage of you, or at least establish a fee in cookies (the sweet, not the website ones).

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Some More of VeePN’s Awesomeness

All Devices
Works for any device

Set up VeePN on your router and access the Internet fully protected even from the gadgets that aren’t normally very friendly with private networks, such as Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii and more.

High Security Level
Grants high security level

Having a VPN on your router is like walking around covered in pillows. 99% of the time, you don’t slip and fall, but when you do – surprise, you aren’t hurt! We do our best to offer you maximum protection, blazing speed and ease of usage in one app.

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Rebecca Wise

“My mom purchased VeePN a month ago. I go for Italian classes, so VeePN helps me to get access to some...”

Eddy Lazuardi
Eddy Lazuardi

“Let’s make it clear. Whatever I do it works. I haven’t spoken to support at all as there was no problem.”

Dora Alves
Dora Alves

“Still is not blocked at my school :) Works great. Easy to set up, simple in use. Many locations and servers...”

Louis Taylor
Louis Taylor

“VeePN has Highly stable and fast connection and understandable help. That’s what I like in VeePN...”


Equip Your Router with VeePN to Protect Your Network

Keeping all your and your relatives’ devices under the VPN cover get harder and harder. Choose VeePN for routers, and you won’t ever need to think about setting a VPN on a new laptop or phone again.

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