VPN Kill Switch is to Ensure
Ultimate Safety

Lags in your connection are not only irritating but dangerous. When the VPN falters, your data is left unprotected. Stay secure at all times with our VPN Kill Switch feature without having to worry about your network’s status.

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Kill Switch

What is a VPN Kill Switch?

Don’t worry, we are not killing anyone, except for the chances to expose your personal information.

How VPN with Kill Switch works?

A VPN creates a secure tunnel between you and the target destination in the web. However, once the connection falters, your data can be exposed. VPN with Kill Switch will automatically disconnect all your devices until it’s safe to browse again.

Kill Switch
What will happen if I turn it off?

Your VPN is still working, but only up to the moment when connection falters. After you reconnect you won’t have the protection for a few moments. Though this may seem insignificant, sometimes a couple of minutes is enough to compromise your data. While with VPN Kill Switch you are secure at all times.

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Why Choose VeePN?

Enjoy encrypted connection and secure online experience at all times. With VeePN you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data in the wild web, as we automated everything for your convenience. Set up takes only a few minutes and the immunity to hackers and snoopers lasts forever.

VPN with Kill Switch

Do I Need a VPN with Kill Switch?

Well, yes. Unless you have a personal server (which is, by the way, another useful feature provided by VeePN), your connection will fail more or less frequently depending on the quality of the network you are using. This means that at some point your data will be unprotected, leaving you exposed to info-collecting agencies.

You need a VPN with Kill Switch even more if you are an avid BitTorrent user. We bet you already know how important it is to stay well-guarded if you are active on torrent-based or other types of file-sharing services. If your IP is exposed even once, the consequences may be harsh, as it gives out information about your profile and the file you are downloading.

Invest in VeePN with Kill Switch once, and savor safe and comfy online browsing.

Why My VPN Connection Can Fail?

We are regularly checking our servers to provide you with a 99.9% stable and secure service. Yet, we are not perfect, and we don’t claim to be. That’s why we designed a plan B to keep all your data safe in case the VPN does falter. That is why we are trusted by millions of users all around the world.

But why is the network interrupted exactly? There are three main reasons:

  • Firewall or router settings
  • Change of location or VPN protocol
  • Slow connection or high number of users

Okay, the reasons are clear, but what can you do you protect your data? Make sure that the Kill Switch option is “on” in your VeePN client or app, and we will do the rest for you. The feature is automatically activated in our app, so you don’t need to set it up – just download VeePN and enjoy maximum protection.

To ensure your account safety, stay vigilant about Wi-Fi spots you use. Usually, public ones are extremely overloaded, making them prone to connection failures. You’ll either have to abandon the idea of surfing in a crowded café, or put up with constant switch-offs, as security comes first in our Internet-based world.

So, next time you see the Wi-Fi loading sign, don’t be mad – remember that this is crucial for saving your personal information.

In case you have any questions, contact our Support Team. Its members are eager to help you and do everything possible to protect you.

Why My VPN Connection Can Fail?

Don’t Compromise Your Privacy – Use VeePN IP Protection

Relying solely on your Internet provider can be rather risky in the world filled with hackers and snoopers. VeePN is your ultimate online protection in one package.

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