Anonymous IP Address – Your Key to Safe Browsing

  • Guard your data. Connect to our servers, receive a new IP and stay hidden. Enjoy the Internet to its fullest while being confident in your online security.
  • Protect your privacy. If snoopers and hackers can’t get your IP, they can’t get your valuable personal information.
  • Leave your IP to yourself. Don’t share your IP and location if you don’t want to. Install VeePN and avoid annoying ads, cyber-attack hazards, and sensitive data leaks.
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Anonymous IP

Do You Like Being Watched?

We doubt that you are enjoying the fact someone’s collecting data about you. It’s rather a necessity these days, and you can’t do anything about it. Or can you? Get VeePN and protect your data from all the prying eyes. Let’s have a look at the groups of people interested in your data:


These guys are up to no good. They are either looking for your financial data or passwords to your social media accounts and email so they can find sensitive and personal data (e.g. health insurance, private conversations or photos) to blackmail you and demand a ransom. A good VPN hedges you from all the risks.


These are not as extreme as the hackers, but they still can be incredibly annoying. Advertising agencies mainly use snooping to collect your personal data and online preferences to sell the information to businesses. Technically everything they are doing is legal, but it’s quite annoying nevertheless. Get an anonymous IP and forget about “you might be interested in” ads.

Government 2
Government organizations

Big brother is watching you non-stop even if it doesn’t seem like that. Maintain impenetrable privacy with VeePN and prevent agencies like NSA from monitoring your Internet activity. Anonymous IP with VPN hides your online trail, thus making it impossible to trace certain actions back to you.

Why is Everyone After My IP?

It requires minimal knowledge of the Internet operation mechanism to retract a user’s IP, but the abilities your IP gives are rather dangerous. What can your IP reveal about you, if VeePN does not conceal it?

Location min

Your IP doesn’t reveal your exact location, usually, it gives something in a range of a few miles. This may sound harmless, but add social media and other resources to the mixture, and the bad guys can figure your whereabouts more precisely.

Online Activity

Once your IP is determined, it’s easy to monitor your online behavior – the websites you visit, files you download and even emails you send. While scattered, this information bears little significance, but it can help to build your complete profile when gathered. And it’s unlikely that people who are looking for it just want to find a pen pal.

Spoofing Possibilities

Your IP is associated with your router. But some knowledgeable and malicious people can “spoof” it – operate under cover of your address. This can cause you a lot of trouble, from a misunderstanding with your ISP to legal prosecution. It’s better to stay protected using a browser with anonymous IP.

Denial-of-Service Attack Potential

Oh, the good old DDoS! When your IP is exposed, you are vulnerable to such attacks, which is essentially flooding your router with useless requests. This is annoying, to say the least, and the bad guys can be very persistent, leaving you with Internet access for days in a row.

Quick, Protect Your IP!

With VeePN you can enjoy all the favorite services and websites without any worries about your exposed and vulnerable IP.

Browse Privately

We keep a strict No Logging policy, which means no timeframe or IP can be tied to an individual user. As all the IP addresses are shared, it’s impossible to trace them back to anyone.

Pay Anonymously

Governments like to ban all kinds of things depending on their whims, so sometimes 100% anonymous payment can come in handy. Paired with the rise of BitCoin, you can finally stay secure. Use VeePN with other payment systems as well for extra security.

Stay Covered

Since we don’t keep any logs, we simply can’t sell your information to the advertising agencies or government structures. Using a service too lazy to store your logs is a secret to the true anonymity!.

Safe Internet Browsing Starts with a Well-Protected IP

Our app both conceals your IP and encrypts your traffic, driving away snoopers and hackers. Surf the Internet with all the shields on, while still enjoying blazing speed.

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