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Social media, government agencies, and advertising studios do not really ask you whether you want to share your data or not. Well, technically, they do, but you do not have a choice since if you refuse, you will not be able to access the website. Good news is that there is another way around.

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Who is Tracking Me and Why?

All the members of this list are a lot like that one friend without the concept of personal space, except they are not your friends. They gather the information solely for their profit, and would sometimes think about your comfort as well.

Search Engines

We are so used to being low-key spied upon that we do not pay attention to it anymore. Having all your previous queries saved is a nice touch until you realize that they are stored somewhere. Moreover, you do not know which other ways Google uses them.

Governments Agencies

Every country watches the activity of their citizens online, but only in some your posts and browsing history can lead to serious consequences. Get away from the Big brother’s omnipresent eye.

Website Owners

Most modern website owners will follow you around on their site like an annoying pet. Moreover, they even can track your personal IP when you LEAVE the site. VeePN helps you make your Internet experience private again, as it should be.

Internet Providers

How do the advertising agencies know which ads to put out for you? Many ISPs sell their users browsing statistics for marketers to use. Considering the fact that your Internet provider knows A LOT about you by definition, it is better to go online well-covered.

How Can They Track Me?

IP Address

Your IP is your unique identifier which allows websites to send you replies to your requests (i.e. allows the Internet to work correctly). However, many sites, and even certain email clients and messengers log your IP. If someone finds a way to connect the IP to a real-life person, their online activity can be traced back to or used against them.


With the implementation of new personal data protection policies, every website must notify you they are recording your cookies. However, this doesn’t mean you can refuse. The only way is to leave the website, actually, and never go back. Moreover, with the rise of third-party cookie tracking agencies, you can be followed around even when you LEAVE that site. Scary, huh?

Browsing History
Browsing History

Whoops, your ISP is tracking your ever every move on the Internet. Well, it’s not like there’s someone sitting behind a monitor and watching every click you make, but many websites, ISPs, and even some messengers and email clients store your online history. This gives them a lot of information about you, and a lot of power as a result.

Location Services
Location Services

Knowing your IP gives many possibilities for locating you. It’s easy to spot the city you are in, and often even the exact district. Combined with the info you Google, knowledgeable people can come as far as to identify your real-life address. Yikes.

VeePN Makes the Internet a Safe Place for You

Drive away all the snoopers and hackers with VeePN. We go an extra mile in protecting your privacy so they won’t have the tiniest bite of your personal data.

  • 256-Bit Encryption

We use the AES-256 encryption type because it has an INSANE number of key combinations. Oh, and because the US government uses that, too.

  • No Logging Policy

Do whatever you want on the Internet; we do not care a single bit about your browsing history. You leave no digital trace when you go online with VeePN.

  • Anonymous Browsing

When you are using a VPN as good as ours, your personal IP is safely hidden behind our extensive server network. Therefore, you can browse the web with complete anonymity.

  • Identity and Data Protection

Personal and financial data is the most vulnerable one. VeePN shields your banking data, ID, work emails, medical history and personal exchanges from unwanted eyes.

We are Young, Bold and Ready to Protect Your Digital Privacy

We at VeePN took the best from its predecessors, added our own knowledge and flavor to it, and now are ready to protect you full-force!

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