Protect Your Personal Identity from Forgery

Identity theft is becoming the new horror story of today. People suffer from criminals opening credit accounts, buying luxurious items and doing other no less damaging things on their behalf. Hide your profile to remain safe.

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Protect Your Personal Identit

What is My Online Identity?

We truly live in a unique time, when not your real-life personality, but also the one we put on the web, matters a lot. Your Internet identity includes:

Technical parameters

Your IP address, Internet service provider and location are the main technical details that define your presence in the web. As we have already started, most users don’t realize how easy it is to fish out this information. And your IP can give away further information.

Personal profile information

When you upload a new photo with a geolocation or write a Facebook post, you add to your online identity. All the profiles on websites you don’t even go to anymore contribute to your online personality. While there’s nothing wrong with putting stories about yourself out there, it’s better to be careful.

Online activity data

Browsing history, search queries, and favorite websites all are a part of your web ID. Here you can find more information on who and how is watching your actions on the Internet, but you can be sure that someone always does. Your browsing activity gives a lot of information about your preferences and habits, so it’s better to keep it concealed.

How Can They Steal My Identity?

It’s said that every two seconds someone’s identity is stolen. Children and teenagers are in more danger of losing their online ID. Here’s how hackers do it:

Tracing Your Actions
Tracing Your Actions

By monitoring the aforementioned parts of your online identity, hackers can gain sufficient information to guess your password or even impersonate you.

Interfering with Financial Transactions

Checking your bank account or shopping online while using an unprotected network can result in bank data theft. It’s better to leave financial operations for more secure networks, and always use VeePN.

Launching a Wi-Fi Attack

Public Wi-Fis pose yet another threat to your profile. By waging an attack, snoopers can steal your passwords and other credentials, and even meddle with your personal communication.

Hijacking Your Email

By either guessing or stealing it, hackers can get the password to your email, and that is equivalent to a jackpot in the online crime world. We don’t realize how heavily we rely on emails – financial, work, personal and medical data can be found there.

What Do Thieves Do With My Information?

Before a person is affected by ID theft, they rarely think of it as a real threat. However, many things hackers can do will affect one’s life drastically:

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  • Trick other people into thinking it’s you and send malware
  • Use private photos or messages to blackmail you
  • Open credit cards in your name and spend all the money, leaving you to pay back
  • Commit misdeeds that trace back to you, so you’ll have to deal with the authorities
  • Purchase goods and take loans using your bank accounts
  • Make health insurance claims using your medical information and health plan
  • Exploit your social security number, PayPal credentials, driver’s license, and other legal identifiers

How Can You Shield Personal Data?

Are you already paranoid? Well, don’t be, because VeePN is here to protect you! Here’s what we do to make sure that you are staying on the safe side of the Internet:

  • Cover your IP and other technical information. When you are using VeePN, your personal IP and location information are invisible. We are happy to defend users all over the world from malicious cyber attacks. We plan to do it forever – and many users are actually to choosing a lifetime VeePN subscription!
  • Shield your identity by protecting your online activity. Do whatever you want; we got you covered (literally!). You do not have to worry about ad agencies finding out you need a new phone, or hackers cracking your password when you are browsing from the shielded online fort created by VeePN.
  • Make sure all the devices you use are secure. There is no point in protecting one of your gadgets and using all the others as is. VeePN is suitable for most of the existing platforms, and we are working on adding more.

Once hackers see you are using VeePN, they won’t even bother trying to meddle with your data – it’s impossible!

Your Online Identity is 100% Safe with VeePN

It takes one click to protect your sensitive data, and you can surf the Internet calmly, knowing that no hacker is able to steal your ID. Oh, and the connection speed will be dazzling fast.

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