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Does that sound alluring? Well, it’s not exactly making money out of nowhere – it’s saving a lot on online purchases. Learn how to use VeePN to get the best deals.

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Get Better Deals with VeePN
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Here’s an unpleasant fact to kick off this conversation – many companies track your location, or at least your region, and put different price tags on their goods and services. However, the good news is that now you know about this policy, and can choose better deals for yourself. Using VeePN will sometimes allow you to pay two times less for the same product. So why not employ this technique and save money for souvenirs and yummies?

How Do Companies Find Out My Location?

It’s a constant rivalry between users trying to stay private and companies doing everything possible to gain an extra bit of information. Modern businesses have quite an extensive toolkit when it comes to finding out your location:

IP address

Your IP is vital for all the remote communications to happen, but it also gives off a lot of information about your location.


Oh, the plague of the Internet world! Cookies help website owners retain information about your online activity and, for example, display higher prices for a flight you have searched a few times this week.


You forget to switch GPS that one time and every website you visited tracked your location. And the next day you see that ticket prices have suddenly become two times higher!


If you are using a public Wi-FI, spotting you on the map is a piece of cake for a tech-savvy person. Even if it’s your home network, some websites can track your location if you give them permission.

Location min

Using HTML-5 coding, websites can track your position even on your personal computer. Yikes!

Well, the narrative changes drastically when you prevent websites and your ISP from knowing your location. Spend a little on VeePN’s yearly subscription, and save a ton on cheaper flight tickets, car rentals and other goods with location-based prices.

What Can I Save Money On?

Let’s have a little experiment. Check an airplane ticket for a few days in a row, and see how prices are jumping higher. Then use VeePN and see how we work our magic and get you the best deals. ;) This works for the following:

Low-cost airline tickets
Low-cost airline tickets

Several deliberate experiments and a lot of real-life experience have shown that airline companies will up the price depending on your location two times or more! Save a $1000 with VeePN – we are sure you have a plan how to use the extra money.

Cheaper car rentals

Try to book a car from various locations and you’ll find out how to save from $200 to $400 in five minutes. Play with different servers to get the best deal.

Discounted software subscription offers

Such essential programs as Microsoft Office, Adobe CC, and others sell significantly cheaper once you “locate” yourself outside of their country of origin. Shop official software for affordable prices with VeePN.

Affordable streaming services

Content streaming! It’s a source of joy when you are using it, and source of sadness when it’s time to pay the bill. Save up to 80% on your Apple Music subscription, and get sports streaming services for free with VeePN.

Teach Me How to Save More!

Who doesn’t want a good deal? Instead of scrolling through a ridiculous amount of pages in your pursuit of the best price, get a VPN! Five minutes for setting, one tap or click for connection – and the prices melt right in front of your eyes. You are welcome!

Here’s how a private network helps you keep those dollars in your pockets:

Connect Servers
Choose the best subscription plan

and download the suitable app or client from our website.

Browse anonymously
Browse anonymously

using VeePN’s magic powers.

Browse Safely
Pick a server from 2500+ units

in more than 48 locations and connect. Try different servers, find the best deal and enjoy yourself!

VeePN – We Do Magic with Prices on the Internet

Don’t take our word for it! Get VeePN and find out how much you’ll be able to save on traveling and buying software and content.

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