VPN to Unblock Games – Your Ultimate Fun Secret

All your friends are discussing a hip new game, and you feel left out because the game won’t support your region. Well, it takes only five minutes to join the fun. Here’s what VeePN can do:

  • Unblock games on Steam and other platforms
  • Access shooters, poker games, and MMOs freely
  • Get VeePN on all the gaming devices – PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Nintendo (Switch, 2DS/3DS, Wii, Game Cube), Sega Saturn and more.
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Unblock Games

How to Unblock Games Using VeePN?

Are you frustrated that a game you were waiting for years won’t be released in your country? Or, maybe, you want to join a team of friends in an epic MMO, but it’s inaccessible from your region. Don’t worry – with VeePN’s awesome powers you can play anything from any part of the world.

Change Your IP

When you use one of our servers (which we have a lot, by the way), the gaming platform can’t determine your real location anymore. Check where the game is available, pick one of the servers located in that region and enjoy your game. Yes, it is that simple. Oh, and extensive network of servers allows us to maintain blazing speed, so no lags and glitches would ruin your match.

Use End-to-End Encryption

It’s not only about the receiving end that can ban the access, but also the providing one. VeePN encrypts your data, so no one, not even your Internet provider knows what you are doing online. We also don’t know due to a strict No Log policy – it’s just you and the game. So here you have it, your easy way to unblock games at school, university, workplace or wherever you are.

Why Are Online Games Blocked

Why Games are Blocked?

People at the government structures, schools and workplaces have all sorts of ideas on what you should and shouldn’t be doing online. We believe it’s your choice to decide what you want to do, so VeePN is here to help.


Most places with public networks, such as schools, universities, libraries, limit websites and services you can access by setting a firewall. Even if you are using your own device, the firewall won’t allow you to access the websites and gaming platforms you want. Unblock sites with games in one click using VeePN.


It seems that countries LOVE to ban all kind of stuff just for the sake of it, and this is especially rampant in the video game industry. South Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the UAE, and Brazil have a very clear understanding of what their citizens shouldn’t play. An overall of 27 countries has banned at least one video game. Unblock games you love without a fuss.

Why Do You Need VeePN to Enjoy Favorite Games?

Long lags, missed game releases and blocked websites can be annoying, to say the least. Install VeePN and enjoy a stable connection and a blazing Internet speed.

Fast and Easy
Not to Brag, but – No Lag!

A vast network of servers allows us to provide every gamer with a smooth, lag-free connection. We know oh to well how a slightly longer ping can ruin a match. Since you no longer have to compete for bandwidth, you can enjoy the most demanding games!

Extra Shield Activated

It’s nice to be well—covered whatever you do online. If you play or stream, IP leaks pose a real threat. With VeePN, however, your personal data is 100% safe. We use military-level encryption and top-notch protocols to safeguard your personal info.

No DDoS Wars Today

DDoS attacks are still a common type of foul play gaming platforms use to undermine their competitor’s success, but they end up spoiling the fun for thousands of people. When you are playing under a VPN, you are shielded from those attacks.

All Devices
Any Device, Any Game

We strive to incorporate all the gaming devices in our network. No matter which game you want to play or which platform you use, VeePN suits all of them. In case you have any questions during the setting process, feel free to contact our support team.

Get New Games First

For unfathomable reasons, some countries get new games earlier than the rest of the world. By connecting to a corresponding server in the VeePN network, you can be the first one to see the game hit the market.

Works Even in Azeroth

It doesn’t matter where you are now. If you have Internet there than you can use VeePN to unblock all the games in the world and have the ultimate fun. Find a suitable server from the 4000 we offer, connect with one click and GL HF!

Install VeePN and Get the Best Games Wherever You Are

Access the newest releases earlier than your friends, enjoy online games without lags and glitches, and protect your online identity all at once with VeePN.

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