Prevent Online Data Tracking

Prevent your online data tracking by third parties with one easy-to-use app – VeePN. Download now, and enjoy 100% safety!

Prevent OnlineTracking

Who is Tracking Me and Why?

Here are just a few examples of third parties tracking your information online – sometimes even without your consent.

Search Engines

We use search engines so often and don't think about the fact that they store a lot of information in form of search queries about everyone and some strangers may gain access to this data

Advertising Agencies

Big companies and marketing agencies watch the activity of their customers online, your posts and browsing history can lead to serious data leak. Get away from tracking by the advertisers and keep it private.

Website Owners

Most modern website owners will follow you around on their site. Moreover, they even can track your personal IP when you leave the site. VeePN helps you make your Internet experience private again, as it should be.

Internet Providers

How do the marketers know which ads to show you? It’s simple – many ISPs sell their users browsing statistics. Considering the fact that your Internet provider knows a lot about you, it is better to go online well-covered.

How May I Be Tracked Online?

IP Address

When you connect to a website, its owner identifies and stores your IP. Some messengers and email clients also log your IP address. If someone finds out your IP and traces it back to you, your Internet-activity will be connected with you in real life.


With the implementation of the GDPR, every website must notify you about their cookie policy. However, this doesn’t mean you can refuse. Moreover, with the rise of third-party tracking agencies, you can be followed around even when you leave that site.

Browsing History
Browsing History

Your ISP tracks your every move on the Internet and saves it. Many websites, ISPs, and even some messengers and email clients store your online history. This gives them a lot of information about you, and a lot of power as a result.

Location Services
Location Services

Knowing your IP gives many possibilities for locating you. It’s easy to spot the city you are in, and often even the exact district. Combined with the info you Google, knowledgeable people can come as far as to identify your real-life address.

VeePN Makes the Internet a Safe Place for You

Drive away all the snoopers and hackers with VeePN. We go an extra mile in protecting your privacy so they won’t have the tiniest bite of your personal data.

  • 256-Bit Encryption

We use the AES-256 encryption type because it has an insane number of key combinations. Oh, and because the US government uses that, too.

  • No Logging Policy

Do whatever you want on the Internet; we do not care a single bit about your browsing history. You leave no digital trace when you go online with VeePN.

  • Anonymous Browsing

When you are using VeePN, your personal IP is hidden behind our extensive server network. Therefore, you can browse the web safely.

  • Identity and Data Protection

VeePN shields your banking data, ID, work emails, medical history and personal exchanges from unwanted eyes.

Protect Your Online Privacy Rights with VeePN

Experience the speed and ultimate protection with VeePN. Your personal data is 100% guarded, while you can enjoy blazing connection speed.

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