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Protecting yourself online is a crucial task today. VeePN lifts the worries of your Internet profile safety off your shoulders. Safeguard your:

  • Private data
  • Financial activities
  • Devices on different operation platforms
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Safeguard Online Activities
What is VPN

How Can VeePN Help You to Protect Your Data and Identity?

Many users had at least one encounter with an identity theft crime. Stealing someone's profile can result in serious financial and social damage, as hackers often use the obtained information to blackmail the person. But with VeePN, you're all set.

  • Secret Key Check-Up. Our server won’t give out any information before it’s clear that your device knows the right secret code. After you log in, your computer exchanges the secret digit streak with our server, and if they match, you explore the Internet securely.
  • Small Package Method. The information is distributed in small packages; each encrypted package uses the AES-256 method. Even if a hacker captures one package, it will take forever to crack the key, and the tiny bit of information kept there won’t be of any use.
  • Total Security. Setting VeePN on any device takes only five minutes, and you do anything online confidently. The military-level encryption used for our VPN allows you to exchange any type of information, such as bank data, personal information, etc.
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What Can I Also Protect with VeePN?

What is VPN?
Private Data and Online Identity

Connect to VeePN each time you go online and rest assured that your online personality, as well as private messages and photos, will always be guarded by an indestructible shield. Learn more

All Devices
Different Platforms and Devices

In online security, consistency is the key. That is why protecting any device you use is crucial. With VeePN, you can easily safeguard all your gadgets and make your data impossible to steal. Learn more

Financial and Health Information

This is the most lucrative and desirable piece of information every hacker is looking for. Shop, check your insurance and conduct other financial operations safely with VeePN. Learn more

What Actions Should I take to Protect My Data Online?

  • Always Use a VPN on a Public Wi-Fi

Public WiFis are convenient, but they can be dangerous. You can easily protect your financial and other sensitive data if you always use a VPN while browsing the web on a public Wi-Fi. You never know if that handsome guy or a cute girl with their laptop in a café is snooping for your sensitive data.

  • Keep Your Passwords Strong

Changing your passcodes from time to time is vital for keeping your data safe. Use a Two-Factor Authentication service whenever you can. Don’t use any easily accessible personal information, such as your name, as your password. A perfect password is a long streak of symbols that make zero sense.

  • Share Your Personal Data Carefully

Account fraud crimes are so common and so successful due to social engineering techniques used by thieves. They will pretend to be your bank representative, your long-lost relative or a celebrity to get the information they need out of you. Stay vigilant and go the extra mile in checking whom with which data you provide.

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