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What is VeePN NetGuard?

VeePN NetGuard is an important element that brings your security and privacy to the new level. It prevents suspicious activity on the websites you visit so no cyber threats can have an effect on your device. By the way, it doesn't let any pop-up ads appear which has positive effect on your speed.

The NetGuard feature is present in the VeePN apps on Windows, macOS, and iOS (OpenVPN only). It can be enabled in the Settings.

Main benefits of using NetGuard

Benefit number one
Avoid phishing websites
The main goal of the NetGuard feature is to protect you from phishing websites and all other cyber threads. It automatically checks whether the website you visit is on the black lists. If you visit a suspicious website that may be hosting malware, spyware or other malicious software, NetGuard reacts immediately and blocks your access.
Benefit number two
Stay away from botnet control
Your device is free from participating in DDoS attacks. Even if malware has already affected your device, it is under protection. Any communication between your device and Botnet server will be suspended. This way your device won’t appear in botnet affected devices.
Benefit number three
Omit pop-up adds
Netguard prevents unwanted ads and auto play videos or other pop-up while you are browsing websites. It lets you enjoy the content and increase the browsing speed saving your mobile data. So you can have a great experience browsing internet ad-freethe it's supposed to be.

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