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Do you know the saying, ‘’What happens on the Internet, stays on the Internet”? This recent piece of folklore perfectly illustrates a dashing, yet simple truth – there is nothing private on the web, but only if you are going there unprotected. Use VeePN to protect your data. Learn:

  • Why everyone is after your IP
  • When your data is in danger
  • What can you do if your data is stolen
  • How a VPN protects your online profile
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Personal Privacy Protector

Take Back Your Confidential Matters with VeePN

Data is everything these days. A few decades ago, when the Internet was only for reading some news and downloading a couple of glittery pictures, no one cared. Now skilled snoopers can drag nearly any information about a specific person. Scary, right?

Privacy Protection
  • What is Internet Privacy?

Everyone agrees that confidentiality of personal information is a basic human right. Everything goes haywire when you add the Internet to the mixture. User data opens gates to millions of dollars, and monitoring your online actions is a lucrative business. Don’t wait until governments (who themselves spy on netizens) decide to protect your data. Take your privacy into your own hands with VeePN!

  • What Information can be stolen?

Well, everything. Get a skilled hacker, and he’ll stripe someone down to their digital undies, including:

  • Social media profiles and photos
  • Passwords to a target website/account
  • Financial and credit card data
  • Emails, personal messages, private photos
  • Health insurance plans
  • Business information
  • Physical location

Are you ready to throw everything that connects to the Internet out of the window? Wait for a second, not yet! You can change your IP using VeePN, and the chances of the said hacker to get their hands on your personal info fall down to approximately 0,0001%.

How Can VeePN Safeguard My Data?

When you connect, our service gives you a new anonymous IP address from the pool of 2500+ servers scattered across 48 locations. So, instead of your real IP that can tell a lot about both your online and real-life persona, all the prying eyes see a public IP with thousands of connected devices. There is no way to connect a certain online activity to a specific person; you are safely lost in the sea of IPs!

Here is what protects you from the hazardous Internet:

  • 2500+ high-security servers in more than 48 locations
  • IP and location change, which disables online activity tracking
  • Limitless access to the content you love, and instant server changing with one click
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How a VPN Protects Your Privacy
Care About Your Digital Anonymity

Why Do We Care About Your Digital Anonymity?

Like any Internet users, our team members also had the experience with annoying targeting ads, blocked content and throttled connection speed, not to mention worse situations. So, we created a service that genuinely cares about your privacy.

How do we handle your personal information? The answer is easy – we DO NOT STORE any of your connection and activity logs. We’re too lazy to do that. ;)

The data we do collect is the bare minimum necessary to run a successful VPN service in the 21st century. For more details on our policies, see the “No Log VPN”.

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Protect Your Data, Save Your Nerves

You are three steps away from a safer and calmer Internet experience. It’s good to know you are all covered up than tremble with anxiety, right?

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Browse Safely
3. Browse Safely

Connect to VeePN and enjoy unhindered and secure Internet connection.

VeePN with IP Protection – the Easiest Security Solution

Our application has all the functions and characteristics you need to be sure of your online safety. Download VeePN and enjoy your full cyber protection.

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