Extra Features for Extra Security

With VeePN’s extra features, you can protect more devices with extra slots, or enjoy the web with a dedicated server. Protect all your devices to create a powerful shield. We put your safety first!

Additional Features
Extra Slots Feature

Extra Slots to Protect Each and Every Device

Uh-oh, you’re out of 10 device slots on your standard VeePN subscription. Now you have to choose which one of your gadgets matters less and don’t need the safety coverage. Or… you don’t!

Get up to 100 additional slots for less than $0.8 per unit. Whether you own a small business or just have many devices, we got you covered. VeePN is suitable for MacOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux. Get the full coverage with our extra feature, and enjoy improved browsing experience regardless of the connection means.

Why You May Need Extra Slots

Fast and Easy
Many Devices

Protect all your electronic equipment. There is no choosing between your PC, notebook, and iPad. Safeguard everything with our VPN.

Small Business

Rock your business security. Now your employees’ work and your sensitive information and documents are well-guarded.

Large Household

Shield your family members’ devices, so no one will be able to steal the data of people dear to you, and your data as a result.

Ten slots are nice and handy, but you can always upgrade to awesome. Get up to hundred units shielded by VeePN. Find out more about the term of use in your Personal Account.


Seamless VPN Software for All Your Devices

Simple apps on the outside, cutting-edge technology on the inside.

Reclaim Your Right to Cozy Internet with VeePN

VeePN is here to provide you with the fast and stable Internet. Enjoy extra security with additional slots or a personal server.

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