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Use VeePN to protect your data, hide your virtual footprints for peace of mind online. Here you will learn why your IP is important, how it can lead to a valuable data breach, and how to protect your privacy with a VPN.

Personal Privacy Protector

Everything You Need to Know About Internet Privacy

Internet privacy is your essential right on the web. Basically, it's the notion that any personal data should stay secure and private unless the user willingly shares it. However, with the advent of big data processing and digital advertising, keeping your matters private on the web becomes more and more difficult.

Privacy Protection
  • What is Internet privacy?

Internet privacy is a right of personal privacy concerning the displaying, storing, use and distribution to third parties related to oneself via the Internet. Monitoring your online activity is a lucrative business, as it opens endless possibilities for target advertising. Marketing organizations and online services collect enormous heaps of user data, rarely thinking about the effects it has on the users.

  • What kind of information can be stolen?

Casual users rarely think of how much personal information they upload into the web. Your social media profiles and photos, passwords to websites or accounts, financial and credit card data, emails, personal messages, health insurance plans, business information, and physical location pose significant interest to hackers.

  • Social media profiles and photos
  • Passwords to a target website/account
  • Financial and credit card data
  • Emails, personal messages, private photos
  • Health insurance plans
  • Business information
  • Physical location

However, there is one easy, yet an effective way to guard your data. Change your IP address, and you are all set. Even if the hackers or snoopers manage to get their hands on your browsing history, they won't be able to trace the data back to you.

How Can VeePN Safeguard My Data?

When you connect, our service gives you a new anonymous IP address from the pool of 2500+ servers scattered across 50 locations. So, instead of your real IP that can tell a lot about both your online and real-life persona, all the prying eyes see a public IP with thousands of connected devices. There is no way to connect a certain online activity to a specific person; you are safely lost in the sea of IPs!

A new IP will also protect your financial data, browsing history and online activity from the inquisitive eyes. Moreover, it will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and access all the content you like.

  • 2500+ high-security servers in more than 50 locations
  • IP and location change, which disables online activity tracking
  • Limitless access to the content you love, and instant server changing with one click
How a VPN Protects Your Privacy

No Log Policy: We Care About Your Anonymity

To provide our users with the first-class VPN service and grant total online security, we follow a strict No Logs policy. This means that we don't collect or retain user data, nor we give it to third parties. The data we do collect is the bare minimum necessary to run a successful VPN service in the 21st century. For more details on our policies, see the "No Log VPN" page.

Care About Your Digital Anonymity

Protect Your Data, Save Your Nerves

You are three steps away from a safer and calmer Internet experience. It’s good to know you are all covered up than tremble with anxiety, right?

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1. Sign Up and Download

Pick a subscription plan 此方, and download the app to your device.

Connect Servers
2. Connect to a Server

Pick a server from 2500+ units in more than 50 locations available.

Browse Safely
3. Browse Safely

Connect to VeePN and enjoy secure Internet connection.

VeePN with IP Protection – the Easiest Security Solution

Our application has all the functions and characteristics you need to be sure of your online safety. Download VeePN and enjoy your full cyber protection.

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