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What is an IP Address?

You have definitely heard the abbreviation a billion times, and now it is time to dissect the meaning. IP address stands for Internet Protocol address. It is a digit combination (IPv4) or a digit and letter combination (IPv6). Here is, for example, Wikipedia’s IP –

The server needs this unique address to trace your device in the endless number of gadgets connecting to it. However, this means you the websites you visit and emails you send can be traced back to your ISP (Internet service provider), location, and sometimes – name. For a secure and private browsing experience, choose VeePN to change your address.

Hide My IP Address

Can I Hide My IP Address?

Well, not exactly. Completely covering your IP would mean that the server would not be able to connect with you (i.e. the Internet will not work). It is like ordering something off Amazon, but saying “I won’t give you my address!”

However, as with the package from an online store, you can redirect the information to someone you know to get it for you. That is when we step in and create a VPN.

A VPN is short for a virtual private network, a secure tunnel between your device and one of our servers. Since your traffic is encrypted, not even your ISP knows where you are or what you are doing there. Your device is virtually “placed” in a different location, the same as the physical location of the VeePN server you are connected to.

Advantages of Concealing Your Real IP:

  • I.      Hide your real location, pick a more convenient one
  • II.     Encrypt your data and roam the web securely
  • III.    Switch between locations instantly to get a fuller online experience

Why Would I Want to Change My IP?

The answer is easy – for comfort and security. The World Wide Web is not as free and limitless as it may seem at first. Changing your IP will help you to access the content restricted in your country, hide your identity and even save money while shopping online.

Moreover, with a new address provided by VeePN, you will be able to safeguard your device and online identity. Steer the advertisers, snoopers and government agencies away from you with one click.

Learn More on How to Hide Your IP

Three Main Benefits of a New IP

The Internet might seem slightly different when you get a new IP. Here is how it will be better for you with VeePN:

Unrestricted access to content

Doesn’t seeing “This video is unavailable in your country” make you a little bit irritated? Bypass the borders and watch or listen to whatever you like. Learn how to unblock websites

Private browsing

You googled a Spongebob-shaped pillow that one time, and now you are constantly getting ads about it. Wipe all the nosy marketers away with our VPN. See how to protect your online identity

Efficient shopping

It is an unpleasant, but proven fact – companies like airlines, car rentals and software providers do charge a different price based on your location. Learn how your IP can work for your wallet

Change Your IP with VeePN and Make the Internet Work for You

With our virtual private network service, you can stay safe and secure, watch movies and video you like, and even save money by simply choosing an IP in a different location.

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VeePN will help you shield your online identity and be in charge of the content you can view. Sign in and surf the Internet freely.

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