Take on the Internet with the Power of VeePN’s 2500 Servers

Servers! We have a lot of them, and we gladly will shave every one with our users. Enjoy a whopping 2500+ server network with devices in 48 locations distributed across 94 countries.

  • Europe: 937+ servers
  • The Middle East and Africa: 756+ servers
  • Americas: 1200+ servers
  • Asia: 453+ servers
  • Oceania: 635+ servers
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Why Our Servers are Killing the Game?

Why Our Servers are Killing the Game?
  • As any self-respecting organization that provides superpowers to its users, we care about reliability and accessibility. We strive to update our list of servers almost daily to reach maximum coverage. Yet in this pursuit, we do not overlook the quality of the connection, which should always remain stable and fast. Our servers are up 99.9% of the time.
  • Secondly, we protect your newly acquired powers of the free and unlimited Internet so you will have enough time to learn how to use them wisely. When you do, you still will still enjoy a titanium-strong data shields, as our first and foremost goal is to safeguard you while in the wild web.
  • If you need a super-mega-awesome power, we have that, too. Introducing you – personal VeePN server! Powerful, blazing fast, easy-to-use and 100% secure. You will also get a personal IP alongside with many other benefits.


Fast Speed
Blazing Fast Speed

Blazing fast connection speed. With our VPN, you will forget how the annoying “loading” circle looks like. The army of servers allows us to provide our users with hurricane speed at any corner of the Earth.

Unlimited Switching
Unlimited VPN Server

Seamless server switching. Pick any server from the list and switch them any time you need, connection quality will not suffer. You can even hop between servers in a middle of an epic fight in a MOBA, but we still strongly advise you not to. ;)

Full Protection
Full Protection

Bank-level protection. Money is important, but information is crucial. Do not worry; here at VeePN, we will carefully wrap all your valuable data in a bulletproof plush blanket.

No Logging Policy

Strict no logging policy. We do not store your logs because we are too efficient (read – lazy) to do so. You know all those extra servers, encryption, legal obligations… Therefore, no logs it is.

Bypass Censorship

Content access without borders. We personally find it rather insulting to see the “Sorry, the content is not accessible in your country.” No sneaky message like that will be able to spoil your day now, because the entire Internet is open for you.

Content streaming

Comfortable content streaming. VeePN gives you the pleasure of both insanely smooth streaming and the joy of watching someone else’s stream without annoying glitches that can ruin the whole experience.

Tell Me How to Connect to VeePN’s Servers!

Follow these three steps, and you will have a powerful VPN as your ally in less than five minutes. In case you have any questions, feel free to contact our support.

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Download a suitable app or client. We support almost every platform out there.

3. Connect

Venture into the wild well protected. Enjoy safe and smooth Internet using the power of our 2500+ servers.

Take on the Internet with VeePN’s Help

The best VPN is like a comfy pair of shoes – you don’t notice them, and you go places you want to go. We will be that shoes for you.

There is no perfection in the world, but we are trying to get as close in providing excellent browsing experience as it is only possible. To achieve that, we are expanding our server network, make sure each server is a military-level secure one, and help you bypass the content restriction. We also offer some extra features, such as a personal server, to amplify the awesomeness even more.

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