Download VPN for Opera for a Killer Internet Experience

While Opera Browser may have a built-in free VPN service, many users report troubles loading pages and dramatic Internet speed reduction when using it. With our extension, you can enjoy a seamless and swift Internet connection in any part of the globe.

The app is suitable for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

VPN for Opera 

Setup VPN for Your Opera and Stay on the Safe Side

No one really likes spies and snoopers digging around their personal data. Take a few moments to add our extension to your favorite browser and have all the fun in the world without being worried that someone is watching over your shoulder.

1. Download

Download your epic online shield using the button below. Enable the extension to unlock fast and safe Internet.

Sign Up
2. Sign Up

Choose the best subscription plan here. Whether you are a secret agent who needs full anonymity or a teenager in love who'd like to know EVERYTHING about their crush, we got you covered.

3. Connect

Press one button, choose a server location from 48 available - and voila! You are in the wild web but completely shielded.

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How Does It Benefit Me?

Download our Veepn app to protect your privacy and try unlimited and secure web surfing everywhere and anytime!

Fast and Easy
Fast and Easy

No more fumbling around your browser options and crashing the entire thing as a result. We designed the perfect app based on our own requests. So here it is, swift as the wind and sweet as a cake - VeePN!

LOTS of servers all over the world

And by lots, we mean more than 2500. We strive to provide safe Internet everywhere from Himalayan peaks to Texan prairies.

One Click and You're in

We care about your time, we really do. That is why using our VPN with Opera takes no more than a click.

Does This Sound Like Bragging? Check What Real Customers Say:

Rebecca Wise

“My mom purchased VeePN a month ago. I go for Italian classes, so VeePN helps me to get access to some...”

Eddy Lazuardi
Eddy Lazuardi

“Let’s make it clear. Whatever I do it works. I haven’t spoken to support at all as there was no problem.”

Dora Alves
Dora Alves

“Still is not blocked at my school :) Works great. Easy to set up, simple in use. Many locations and servers...”

Louis Taylor
Louis Taylor

“VeePN has Highly stable and fast connection and understandable help. That’s what I like in VeePN...”


Navigate the Internet Freely, We'll Take Care about the Rest

Let our VPN extension for Opera shield you from all the inquisitive eyes and tiring targeted ads. We offer you a convenient, fast and secure way to browse the web smoothly. Wave good-bye to hackers and snoopers, and ride the digital waves freely and joyously.

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